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Chun Hei Ko

Chun Hei

Personally Interviewed

Imperial College London

I believe in teaching that goes beyond memorization, focusing on building a solid understanding of math and physics. My approach is interactive and adaptable, where I tailor sessions to individual learning styles. I use real-world examples to make concepts relatable and emphasize practical problem-solving. Sessions with me are structured, involving discussions and hands-on exercises. I aim to create a supportive environment that encourages questions and critical thinking, fostering not just academic success but a genuine appreciation for the subjects.

Olivia Wu


Personally Interviewed

Emory University

With a teaching style centered on individualized instruction, I ensure that each student's unique needs and learning preferences are met. By tailoring lessons and approaches to suit their strengths, I aim to foster an environment where students feel empowered and motivated to excel. Going beyond the traditional student-teacher dynamic, I strive to establish a friendly rapport with my students, creating a comfortable and supportive atmosphere. By building meaningful connections, I believe in making learning a fun and enjoyable experience, encouraging students to actively participate, ask questions, and explore their full potential. With me as a tutor, students can expect a personalized and engaging learning journey that combines academic progress with the joy of education.

Asha Gill


Personally Interviewed






University of Edinburgh

In general, my aim is to make learning both interesting and rigorous for students so they can simultaneously achieve the results they want while also developing a curiosity for the subject. I enjoy getting to know my students as individuals and learners so I can support them to the best of my ability by tailoring my teaching approach to their unique needs. In a typical session, I will try to address any gaps in their current knowledge of the course material using both school-provided and private resources, before returning to reinforce those concepts at a later session.

Christopher Yue


Personally Interviewed

Hong Kong International School

As a tutor, my most important job is to boost the student's academic confidence, as I believe that academic confidence holds the key to optimized academic performance. I try to increase academic confidence through practice, repetition, and positive feedback. I also make sure to prepare several different methods to explain concepts; sometimes, explaining a concept one way does not stick to the student well, and as a tutor who emphasizes understanding over memorization (although memorization may sometimes be necessary), explanation of concepts in a way that students can understand is very important.

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