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Our tutors come from the world's leading universities, achieved top grades, and accumulated extensive tutoring experience.

Angie So


Hong Kong International School

When tutoring, I want to not only just teach the student and help them grow in education, but form a bond as a friend. I believe that learning should be enjoyable rather than monotonous. I believe that teaching by play can be very effective amongst lower age groups, such as picking up vocabulary whilst playing with puzzles, or actively speaking Mandarin to them while conducting an activity.  In older age groups, I also believe in flexibility and understanding the student's needs. Everyone has a different way of understanding material, and I want to acknowledge that, whether it be through changing the method of explaining, or using a different medium such as visual guides to help learning.

Nadia Miller


Bowdoin College

My teaching philosophy centers on making complex concepts accessible and engaging for students. I am committed to explaining ideas in ways that resonate with each individual, and adapt my teaching style to accommodate diverse learning preferences. Above all, I aim to instill my own passion for learning in my students, inspiring them to embrace curiosity and discovery as lifelong pursuits.

Justin Curico


Harvard University

In my teaching philosophy, I prioritize student engagement, personalized learning, and fostering meaningful relationships to create an enjoyable and effective learning environment. I believe in breaking down complex problems into digestible chunks and drawing parallels to real-life scenarios to enhance understanding. My approach involves explaining content from various perspectives and approaches, catering to different learning styles and preferences. During a typical session, I begin by assessing the student's strengths, weaknesses, and learning style preferences. I then tailor the session accordingly, incorporating interactive discussions, visual aids, and hands-on activities to reinforce concepts. I adapt my teaching techniques based on the student's response and feedback, ensuring that each session is productive and engaging. By building a rapport with my students and creating a supportive atmosphere, I strive to instill confidence and enthusiasm for learning while helping them achieve their academic goals.






Olivia Wu


Emory University

With a teaching style centered on individualized instruction, I ensure that each student's unique needs and learning preferences are met. By tailoring lessons and approaches to suit their strengths, I aim to foster an environment where students feel empowered and motivated to excel. Going beyond the traditional student-teacher dynamic, I strive to establish a friendly rapport with my students, creating a comfortable and supportive atmosphere. By building meaningful connections, I believe in making learning a fun and enjoyable experience, encouraging students to actively participate, ask questions, and explore their full potential. With me as a tutor, students can expect a personalized and engaging learning journey that combines academic progress with the joy of education.

Asha Gill


University of Edinburgh

In general, my aim is to make learning both interesting and rigorous for students so they can simultaneously achieve the results they want while also developing a curiosity for the subject. I enjoy getting to know my students as individuals and learners so I can support them to the best of my ability by tailoring my teaching approach to their unique needs. In a typical session, I will try to address any gaps in their current knowledge of the course material using both school-provided and private resources, before returning to reinforce those concepts at a later session.






Marcus Fong


University of Cambridge

With both standardized and AP tests, I often encourage my students to look beyond the content. I use questions beyond the test level to solidify my students' understanding and often ask them to explain concepts in their own words such that they can think about topics coherently in their own words.Following the supervision system Cambridge employs, I often lead students through more of a discussion, talking about topics in different ways to ensure their understanding and linking separate topics in such a way that they all mould together. Only when I feel that my students' understanding is at an appropriate level do I begin to present them with practice questions. By that point, these questions are second nature to them.






Kelly Wong


German Swiss International School

I am most familiar with the IGCSE syllabus. My tutoring approach is very flexible, as I tailor my approach to each student depending on their weaknesses. While I believe that education is rooted in fundamental understanding and not solely revolved around exams, I also understand the importance of exam technique and preparation. With my guidance, I aim to equip my students with the necessary skills and strategies to excel in their exams while fostering a deeper comprehension of the subject matter. By combining a strong foundation of knowledge with effective exam techniques, I strive to help my students achieve academic success both in and beyond the exam room. To ensure that I can provide the best possible support to my students, it would be helpful for them to share their syllabus and any unfamiliar topics they would like assistance with. This way, I can prepare tailored lesson plans and resources specifically designed to address the areas that require additional attention, ensuring that my students receive targeted guidance and support. If preferred, I am more than happy to provide my students with supplementary materials that can further enhance their learning experience. Whether it's worksheets or practice questions, I am dedicated to helping my students consolidate their knowledge and build their skills outside of our tutoring sessions.

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