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Our tutors come from the world's leading universities, achieved top grades, and accumulated extensive tutoring experience.

Nadia Miller


Bowdoin College

My teaching philosophy centers on making complex concepts accessible and engaging for students. I am committed to explaining ideas in ways that resonate with each individual, and adapt my teaching style to accommodate diverse learning preferences. Above all, I aim to instill my own passion for learning in my students, inspiring them to embrace curiosity and discovery as lifelong pursuits.

Asha Gill


University of Edinburgh

In general, my aim is to make learning both interesting and rigorous for students so they can simultaneously achieve the results they want while also developing a curiosity for the subject. I enjoy getting to know my students as individuals and learners so I can support them to the best of my ability by tailoring my teaching approach to their unique needs. In a typical session, I will try to address any gaps in their current knowledge of the course material using both school-provided and private resources, before returning to reinforce those concepts at a later session.






Yonsu  Park


Hong Kong International School

My main goal is to encourage students to be passionate about what they’re learning. I do this by creating lesson plans filled with fun reading and activities, and tailoring the lesson to the students unique interests. My teaching style is interactive. I often engage students in thoughtful conversation to help them develop their ideas or understanding. When tutoring English, I help students develop a solid foundation of knowledge. I often work with students to review parts of speech and types of sentences. With older students, I help them improve the cohesion and clarity of their writing.

Peter Yoon


Hong Kong International School

Throughout my academic journey, I've encountered my fair share of ineffective tutors who failed to teach me effectively. I've also had tutors who, although knowledgeable, made me develop a dislike for the subjects I was learning. Now, as I step into the role of a tutor myself, my goal is to not only provide effective teaching but also serve as a positive mentor for my students.To achieve this, I recognize the importance of adapting to each student's unique needs and learning style, rather than imposing a rigid, one-size-fits-all approach. By tailoring my teaching methods to the individual, I hope to create a sense of serenity and foster a genuine love for learning in my students. Building a strong mentor-student bond is equally important to me.However, while I strive to adapt and create a positive learning experience, I understand that there may be instances where a student's mindset clashes with our shared goal of learning. In such cases, I will maintain a firm approach while keeping their best interests in mind.Drawing on my avid interest in psychology and the knowledge I have gained, I will employ various strategies that not only help students reach their academic potential but also support their personal growth. Each session will typically begin with addressing any questions about the material and discussing any assigned homework. From there, I will proceed with the lesson plan prepared prior to the session.By combining my passion, knowledge, and adaptable teaching approach, I aim to empower students to not only excel academically but also unlock their full potential as individuals.

Gaile  Ng


Weslyan University

When it comes to teaching, especially in a tutoring setting, it is crucial to build a collaborative partnership with my student. As mentioned in my biography, I feel that education should be something that excites students. So I tend to open my lessons by getting to know my student, to gain a better understanding of what type of learner they are and ultimately try to connect their genuine interests to their education. Beyond forming a collaborative partnership with the student, I also try to work with their parents to gain a better understanding of what they are hoping to get out of these lessons. Whether it simply be better grades or study habits, I always do my best to satisfy my clients needs. I also try to make myself available through email with my students, so they can communicate any queries they may have outside of designated class times. As I understand that an hour or two every week may not be sufficient.






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