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5/5 based on 30+ reviews

5/5 based on 30 reviews

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Boost your grades by learning from your expert peers!

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Tutor Spotlight

Our tutors come from the world's leading universities, achieved top grades, and accumulated extensive tutoring experience.

Subin  Shetty


Columbia University

I’m a second-year at Columbia University studying Biochemistry (Pre-med).

Tina  Chou


University of Oxford

I'm a chemistry Masters student at the University of Oxford.

Noah Leddel


Yale University

I’m a first-year at Yale University and will be playing for their NCAA DI soccer team. I am incredibly passionate about all fields of academia and, at Yale, I am pursing a degree in economics and political science. I joined Levitate because I have always had a passion for tutoring and coaching.

Elanna Mak


Stanford University

I'm a second yeard at Stanford University with a passion for the humanities, particularly history and language.

Brian  Chang


Dartmouth University

I'm a Computer Science third-year at Dartmouth.

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Rated 5/5 based on 30+ reviews

Trusted by students and parents

"Our experience with Levitate was fantastic! The team was helpful and responsive, and the flexibility in scheduling worked well for our child's schedule."

Alexia, Parent

Levitate has been a great help to my son. His grades have significantly improved. For instance, his biology grade improved from a B+ to an A following the tutoring sessions.

Ethan, Parent

“Getting tutored at Levitate helped me so much with preparing for my AP tests and SAT. They were so informative and they knew their way around all the courses. Would recommend it to everyone.”

James, Student

Had tutoring twice a week for the SAT. [Levitate] helped improve my SAT score by 180 points. Cheap prices, friendly teachers, good optionality when it comes to selecting tutors. Highly recommend.

Russ, Student

Before I started patronizing Levitate, I was struggling heavily in class. With Levitate, I found tutors who cater to my personal needs and care about me doing well!

Ranak, Student

I had the most wonderful experience with Levitate Tutoring, I could not recommend it enough to anyone looking for a peer-to-peer tutoring.

Daniele, Student

“The best English speaking tutors in Hong Kong. Would Recommend”

Jared, Student

“What sets Levitate apart from other tutoring businesses is that the tutors are students who have firsthand experience of taking AP/IB exams. It is also affordable and tailored to your individual needs. Highly recommend it."

 Rachelle, Parent

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