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Olivia Wu


Personally Interviewed

Emory University

With a teaching style centered on individualized instruction, I ensure that each student's unique needs and learning preferences are met. By tailoring lessons and approaches to suit their strengths, I aim to foster an environment where students feel empowered and motivated to excel. Going beyond the traditional student-teacher dynamic, I strive to establish a friendly rapport with my students, creating a comfortable and supportive atmosphere. By building meaningful connections, I believe in making learning a fun and enjoyable experience, encouraging students to actively participate, ask questions, and explore their full potential. With me as a tutor, students can expect a personalized and engaging learning journey that combines academic progress with the joy of education.

Caitlin Lam


Personally Interviewed

Northeastern University

Before classes, I make sure to prep myself and organize a routine/schedule for what I will be doing with my students for that session. I also ensure to include breaks in between sessions especially for younger students as they tend to have shorter attention spans. Instead of just pure teaching I also make sure to make classes interactive. I give them a space to voice their opinions, ask questions, and learn how to apply what they've learned to real-life situations/scenarios. My experience in studying psychology has also taught me effective study techniques like spaced practice, retrieval practice, and many others which I would share with my students.

Carolyn Yu


Personally Interviewed

Hong Kong International School

I like to form a personal connection with my students, such as common interests, to get to know them better. I also like to work with them on interactive activities, such as learning in a game form, that makes them interested in learning!

Claire Sun


Personally Interviewed

Hong Kong International School

I am a strong believer in review, practice, and preview. I mainly assist students with their assigned schoolwork while I learn more about their strengths and weaknesses. Depending on the age of the student and their areas of improvement, I will customize the session differently, ranging from interactive games to practices. Vocabulary is key when learning a language, based on the current unit/topic students are learning in school, I prepare vocabulary lists for students and I will make sure students build confidence in learning new words.

Cadence  Chang


Personally Interviewed

Hong Kong International School

I believe that students learn best when they interact with their material, whether through flashcards, games, or mind maps. In my Chinese classes, I like to break down my student's material into bite-sized chunks for them to process, and we play games with the new vocabulary to familiarize them with the words. Whenever I feel that they are getting distracted or bored, I switch approaches and try a new way to help them out, whether it be watching a video or singing a song. For students who are not native speakers, I speak to them in Chinese and then repeat the same thing in English to expose them to more vocabulary. In my Math classes, I structure my lessons based on my students' questions with homework and work from there. I spend half the time working through practice problems with them, backtracking whenever they feel lost. Then, I summarize the main takeaways from our lesson and come up with a few problems for them to practice. I try to let my students try the questions a few times before I step in and give them hints, giving them time to recall their knowledge and practice their skills.

Beatrice  Lam


Personally Interviewed

Hong Kong International School

In teaching math and science, I use a combination of demonstration and guided practice. I start by demonstrating the step-by-step process of solving a specific problem, ensuring clarity. The demonstration serves as a model for the student to understand the underlying concepts. Then, I encourage the student to independently solve a similar problem, applying their knowledge and promoting critical thinking. During this phase, I closely observe their progress and provide prompt assistance if needed. I create a supportive environment where students feel comfortable asking questions. Practice and repetition are essential, so I provide additional exercises that gradually increase in complexity. My approach aims to build a solid foundation, boost confidence, and foster a deeper understanding of the subject.In my approach to teaching Chinese, I prioritize addressing each student's specific needs. I begin by understanding where they require assistance and what areas they would like to focus on. For reading and comprehension, I encourage students to think critically about the text while reading it aloud, providing guidance and support as necessary. When it comes to composition, I teach students effective techniques for improving their writing skills. In terms of speaking, I actively encourage students to engage in conversation and push the boundaries of their knowledge. To enhance proficiency in pinyin and dictation, I employ a practice-based approach. I allocate time for the student to revise vocabulary by writing each word five times. Following this, I conduct dictation exercises, providing repetition and guidance when necessary.

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