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Kaira Sheth


Rice University

I make sure to tailor my lessons to each student based on subject, level, age, learning style, and priorities. In the first meeting, I get a gauge of these factors so that I can formulate a thorough and personalized lesson plan can help my student achieve his/her academic goals. Outside of the sessions, I maintain constant communication with my students, following up on any doubts, questions, assigned homework, or material. During sessions, I make sure to be efficient by combining lecture-style with practice-style so that the student can grasp the information while asking clarifying questions and then apply his/her knowledge to questions. Of course, this varies based on the subject being taught and the age group. For instance, if I am tutoring a young student in French, I would include interactive activities and speaking, listening, writing, and reading opportunities, but if I am tutoring an older student in an AP class, the sessions would be faster-paced and more full of content.






Anshuk Sharma


Northwestern University

I'm eager to spread my enthusiasm for science by tutoring others. My aim is to help students see the wonder and excitement in exploring scientific concepts, making the subject not just a requirement, but a journey of discovery. Through tutoring, I hope to make science accessible and engaging, inspiring others to delve into its mysteries with the same passion I have.

Asha Gill


University of Edinburgh

In general, my aim is to make learning both interesting and rigorous for students so they can simultaneously achieve the results they want while also developing a curiosity for the subject. I enjoy getting to know my students as individuals and learners so I can support them to the best of my ability by tailoring my teaching approach to their unique needs. In a typical session, I will try to address any gaps in their current knowledge of the course material using both school-provided and private resources, before returning to reinforce those concepts at a later session.






Subin  Shetty


Columbia University

My tutoring approach is deeply influenced by my broad academic interests that span across both STEM subjects and the humanities, enriched further by my extensive experience in international debate competitions during my high school years. This diverse background allows me to offer a holistic educational experience to my students, emphasizing the interconnectedness of knowledge and the importance of well-rounded intellectual development.

Brian  Chang


Dartmouth University

My enthusiasm for tutoring STEM subjects is matched by my love for activities that challenge me physically and intellectually, such as competitive debate, rock climbing, and fencing.

Tina  Chou


University of Oxford

My approach to teaching STEM tutorig is driven by a dual commitment: to make learning both enjoyable and intellectually challenging for my students. I believe that the heart of effective STEM education lies in striking the right balance between fun and rigor, ensuring that students are engaged and excited about the material while also being pushed to think critically and deepen their understanding.

Elanna Mak


Stanford University

I like creating a learning environment that is both enjoyable and rewarding for my students. This approach is rooted in the belief that education should not only be about acquiring knowledge but also about fostering a deep, enduring passion for learning.

Lauren  Tse


Hong Kong International School

My tutoring approach is heavily personalized to each student and depends on their age, needs and learning style. I like to make lessons interactive by involving students and giving them opportunities to practically apply knowledge instead of just lecturing them on content. During lessons, I also like to show students little tips and tricks to help them study and learn more effectively in class

Laura Leal


Hong Kong International School

Learning and receiving an education is no easy feat. There are certainly challenges when it comes to both the teaching we receive, as well as our interpretation and retention of the material we are taught. That is primarily why my tutoring approach revolves around flexibility—adapting to individual styles and needs for learning, and changing my teaching rather than a student's preferred learning methods. In this way, I can build confidence in my students whilst simultaneously teaching them more efficient ways to absorb and genuinely understand the information they are asked to learn. I often ask for learning materials beforehand to truly familiarize myself with the subject before going into teaching, and plan multiple methods of explanation and practice to ensure a holistic learning experience. A typical session for a subject such as math or science begins with a revision of old test papers or homework from the week that gave the student trouble, followed by an explanation of key concepts and strategies for improvement. Lastly, the remainder of the session would be filled with time to practice and apply the skills and content the student has just been taught or introduced to.

Marcus Fong


University of Cambridge

With both standardized and AP tests, I often encourage my students to look beyond the content. I use questions beyond the test level to solidify my students' understanding and often ask them to explain concepts in their own words such that they can think about topics coherently in their own words.Following the supervision system Cambridge employs, I often lead students through more of a discussion, talking about topics in different ways to ensure their understanding and linking separate topics in such a way that they all mould together. Only when I feel that my students' understanding is at an appropriate level do I begin to present them with practice questions. By that point, these questions are second nature to them.






Kaiya Coleman


Hong Kong International School

I feel it is important to discuss what teaching approach is most suitable for each client, and then tailor my tutoring sessions specifically to their requirements and preferences, whether it be walking them through exam question approaches. or information presentations and explicit teaching of concepts and content. I also incorporate interactive activities to engage, clarify, and cement their understanding. I am passionate about the subject and this passion is reflected in my enthusiastic approach to each tutoring session.

Carolyn Yu


Hong Kong International School

I like to form a personal connection with my students, such as common interests, to get to know them better. I also like to work with them on interactive activities, such as learning in a game form, that makes them interested in learning!

Tonia Kim


Hong Kong International School

I believe that every subject is interesting and beautiful at its core. I foster a deep and fundamental understanding of math within my students to encourage them to think creatively and have fun to push their limits. Whether it's teaching two-digit multiplication or complicated trigonometric functions, I love sharing the hidden intircacies and secrets that math has to offer.

Kelly Wong


German Swiss International School

I am most familiar with the IGCSE syllabus. My tutoring approach is very flexible, as I tailor my approach to each student depending on their weaknesses. While I believe that education is rooted in fundamental understanding and not solely revolved around exams, I also understand the importance of exam technique and preparation. With my guidance, I aim to equip my students with the necessary skills and strategies to excel in their exams while fostering a deeper comprehension of the subject matter. By combining a strong foundation of knowledge with effective exam techniques, I strive to help my students achieve academic success both in and beyond the exam room. To ensure that I can provide the best possible support to my students, it would be helpful for them to share their syllabus and any unfamiliar topics they would like assistance with. This way, I can prepare tailored lesson plans and resources specifically designed to address the areas that require additional attention, ensuring that my students receive targeted guidance and support. If preferred, I am more than happy to provide my students with supplementary materials that can further enhance their learning experience. Whether it's worksheets or practice questions, I am dedicated to helping my students consolidate their knowledge and build their skills outside of our tutoring sessions.

Beatrice  Lam


Hong Kong International School

In teaching math and science, I use a combination of demonstration and guided practice. I start by demonstrating the step-by-step process of solving a specific problem, ensuring clarity. The demonstration serves as a model for the student to understand the underlying concepts. Then, I encourage the student to independently solve a similar problem, applying their knowledge and promoting critical thinking. During this phase, I closely observe their progress and provide prompt assistance if needed. I create a supportive environment where students feel comfortable asking questions. Practice and repetition are essential, so I provide additional exercises that gradually increase in complexity. My approach aims to build a solid foundation, boost confidence, and foster a deeper understanding of the subject.In my approach to teaching Chinese, I prioritize addressing each student's specific needs. I begin by understanding where they require assistance and what areas they would like to focus on. For reading and comprehension, I encourage students to think critically about the text while reading it aloud, providing guidance and support as necessary. When it comes to composition, I teach students effective techniques for improving their writing skills. In terms of speaking, I actively encourage students to engage in conversation and push the boundaries of their knowledge. To enhance proficiency in pinyin and dictation, I employ a practice-based approach. I allocate time for the student to revise vocabulary by writing each word five times. Following this, I conduct dictation exercises, providing repetition and guidance when necessary.

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