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Caitlin Lam


Northeastern University

Before classes, I make sure to prep myself and organize a routine/schedule for what I will be doing with my students for that session. I also ensure to include breaks in between sessions especially for younger students as they tend to have shorter attention spans. Instead of just pure teaching I also make sure to make classes interactive. I give them a space to voice their opinions, ask questions, and learn how to apply what they've learned to real-life situations/scenarios. My experience in studying psychology has also taught me effective study techniques like spaced practice, retrieval practice, and many others which I would share with my students.

Gaile  Ng


Weslyan University

When it comes to teaching, especially in a tutoring setting, it is crucial to build a collaborative partnership with my student. As mentioned in my biography, I feel that education should be something that excites students. So I tend to open my lessons by getting to know my student, to gain a better understanding of what type of learner they are and ultimately try to connect their genuine interests to their education. Beyond forming a collaborative partnership with the student, I also try to work with their parents to gain a better understanding of what they are hoping to get out of these lessons. Whether it simply be better grades or study habits, I always do my best to satisfy my clients needs. I also try to make myself available through email with my students, so they can communicate any queries they may have outside of designated class times. As I understand that an hour or two every week may not be sufficient.






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