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Kaira Sheth


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Rice University

I make sure to tailor my lessons to each student based on subject, level, age, learning style, and priorities. In the first meeting, I get a gauge of these factors so that I can formulate a thorough and personalized lesson plan can help my student achieve his/her academic goals. Outside of the sessions, I maintain constant communication with my students, following up on any doubts, questions, assigned homework, or material. During sessions, I make sure to be efficient by combining lecture-style with practice-style so that the student can grasp the information while asking clarifying questions and then apply his/her knowledge to questions. Of course, this varies based on the subject being taught and the age group. For instance, if I am tutoring a young student in French, I would include interactive activities and speaking, listening, writing, and reading opportunities, but if I am tutoring an older student in an AP class, the sessions would be faster-paced and more full of content.

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